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The cost of mowing your lawn




Ever sat down and calculated the actual cost of mowing your lawn. Wether you have a large yard with a a hundred square meters of lawn or just a tiny cottage block with 10 square meters of lawn, there will be a cost, obvious costs and some hidden costs. Before we have a closer look, ask yourself if you would rather pay someone to do all the hard work with all the correct tools or would you prefer to do it yourself in your spare time, keep and maintain all the tools.

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Feed your lawn regularly with fertiliser high in Nitrogen. Nitrogen is used during photosynthesis which gives plants that deep green colour on leaves. You want lush green lawn, feed it!

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  • Irrigate early morning or early evening
  • Give your lawn a good soaking over longer periods
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Lets now take a look at the real cost of mowing your lawn. There are a few things we need to have to calculate the figure. Those are listed below.

  • Size of your lawn
  • Equipment needed to do a good job
  • Maintenance costs of those equipment and replacement/initial costs
  • Cost of your time
  • Hidden costs such as fertilizer, pest control, irrigation, insurances

Lawn size - This is really easy to determine by measuring the lenght and width of your lawn area and multiplying the 2. This will give you the area of your lawn in square meters. You can also make use of Google maps by searching up your address. Zoom in, in the bottom lefthand corner select satelite image. Right click on your address. On the drop down menu select measure distance. A white dot will appear. Now click on the corners of your lawn until you reach the first white dot again. In the bottom centre of the screen Google maps will give you the total area. To take another measurement, right click and click on clear measurement.

Equipment - To be fair and realistic the minimum equipment needed will a descent lawnmower and a whipper snipper to trim the edges. There are obviously a host of tools such as shovels, garden forks rakes, trimming tools for shrubs and so forth. The list can be endless. Some real advice on tools, to buy cheap is to buy constantly. If you do want to maintain your own lawn, buy quality equipment. A good quality lawn mower and whipper snipper could cost you around $2000, but for this exercise lets say a $1000

Equipment maintenance cost - They say an artisan is as good as his tools and lets face it, mowing equipment does break down and there is a cost in maintaining it and keeping it in good working order. If you maintian and fix your own equipment some expense can be saved, however servicing something such as a lawnmower could set you back $60 to $100 per service quite easily.

Your time - Your time is precious and most of your time is spent at your place of work, so the question really is why would you not spend your weekend time or off time with your family. Mowing your lawn yourself might not cost you anything in fiscal time but it is still time away from your family, time that you won't get back. Food for thought?
The cost of your time is your hourly rate, for argument sake, minimum wage currently for a casual employee is $25 per hour

Hidden costs - These costs might seem irrelevant or minor, however added together can add a chunk of cash to the real cost of mowing your lawn and maintaining it. The cost here could be fertiliser, retic repairs, pest and disease control, home insurance in the event your mower picks up a stone and breaks a window excess could be as much as $500.

It is easy to see how the cost of mowing your lawn can quickly blow your household budget. The list of positives in getting a professional lawn service quickly outweighs the negatives.

  • Professional regular service at a fraction of your cost
  • Public liability insurance covered
  • No equipment maintenance costs
  • Proffesional trained person to maintian your lawn
  • Your lawn will be maintained regardless if you have time or not
  • Problems with pests and diseases will be handled effectively
  • Retic professionally maintained
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