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Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to our T&C's from time to time as needed without prior notice.

1. Once service bookings are accepted by the customer it is booked in our system and customer will be liable for the service cost.
2. If our technicians cannot be provided with access to the area on the day of service for whatever reason it will be charged for at the service rate
3. Cancellation of bookings on the day of service will carry the full cost of the booking excluding materials with a minimum charge of $80
4. The customer agrees to pay the invoice as presented on the day of service
5. The customer agrees to pay any fees related to late payment and/or collection fees of outstanding invoices
6. In the event of extreme weather including rain or intense heat, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to complete the work
7. We make use of 3rd party agents to supply us leads, which we pay for. We request you take this into consideration before lodging requests for service.

Last updated 04/07/2019.