We offer garden services across the whole of Perth, Western Australia

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7 Day gardens provides lawn mowing, reticulation, cleanup, fertilising, mulching, planting and small engine repair services in Perth. Our team will handle all aspects of your garden and we will make sure that your garden is maintained in perfect condition. Continuous improvement is key and a good balance between planned garden maintenance and corrective maintenance will keep money in your pocket.

Perth is a winter rainfall region and has hot, dry summer days and cold, wet winter days. Your garden maintenance regime should be planned around these weather patterns. Talk to us and we can work out a personalised garden maintenance plan that suit your budget and needs.

7 Day Gardens Key benefits of Service

The single largest factor in the cost of your garden maintenance is the size of your property. The second largest contributing factor is lack of maintenance. 7 Day Gardens can provide you with a complete maintenance package taking care of mowing the lawn when required, applying fertiliser when needed, repairing broken irrigation units when required and taking care of weeds when they shoot out.

  • Balanced maintenance, saving you money
  • Professional reliable services
  • Personlised concierge service
  • Affordable rates and plans
  • No lock-in contracts

Garden services by 7 Day Gardens across Perth

We provide our garden services across all suburbs of Perth. Contact us if you require services outside the listed suburbs.

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  • KARAKIN - 6044
  • LANCELIN - 6044
  • NILGEN - 6044
  • WEDGE ISLAND - 6044
  • ASHBY - 6065
  • DARCH - 6065
  • GNANGARA - 6065
  • HOCKING - 6065
  • JANDABUP - 6065
  • KINGSWAY - 6065
  • LANDSDALE - 6065
  • LEXIA - 6065
  • MADELEY - 6065
  • MARIGINIUP - 6065
  • MELALEUCA - 6065
  • PEARSALL - 6065
  • PINJAR - 6065
  • SINAGRA - 6065
  • TAPPING - 6065
  • WANGARA - 6065
  • WANNEROO - 6065
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Save your garden from a "slow death"

Your garden and garden plants are living organisms and need proper care. If not maintained properly and you don't take the correct preventative actions, your garden might not be able to bounce back and it might even die completely.

This is why it is important to take care of seasonal garden tasks. At 7 Day Gardens we can plan out a complete garden care plan and deal with seasonal problems. You need an expert - a specially trained, highly experienced individual who can:

  • Perform an on-site visual inspection of each area looking for obvious and not so obvious potential issues or illness.
  • Diagnose any problems that are found
  • Determine the possible root cause of those problems
  • Prescribe any necessary remedies or treatments
  • Take the appropriate action immediately, or as soon as possible

Taking care of garden tasks regularly is far better than overlooking or ignoring tasks. Forgotten tasks can build up into big issues with diseased plants, overgrown gardens and weed infested areas. This can become one of the most expensive issues a home owner or tenant can deal with and it is best to deal with it immediately.

Ready to work with 7 Day Gardens? GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

We will provide you with a complete workschedule and workbase structure for all the seasons throughout the year for your entire garden or the areas that you choose. It can be a simple once-off task or a complex garden project. We will tailor you garden maintenance program around your specific needs and budget. Speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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